Sunday, March 22, 2020

BRAVE Class Hack Beta

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EDIT: If you've been directed here from somewhere online, there's a newer draft of this material. Click here for the updated post!

This is a beta-test sample of my ruleset for adding Character Classes into Ben Milton's RPG Knave. Here is a link to it. This is building off of my original Knave hack, which you don't need to be familiar with. But if you're interested, here is a link to the post I made about that.

I put a fair amount of designer notes in the first page, but I'd be happy to explain anything more in detail. I would love some feedback, and even better, to hear if anyone actually tries using this for a one-shot or something.


Thursday, March 5, 2020

Magic Metals and Stuff

You know what's a cool fantasy trope that everyone likes? Magic metals. Made-up metals. Those things. It's true. Tolkien gave us Mithril and it was cool and people kept it going. There's Vibranium. They make a big deal out of it in those Marvel movies. Game of Thrones has Valyrian Steel, and every time it comes up the dialogue always sounds really forced and fake. Like they're trying really hard to make it a cool thing but it will never be as effortlessly cool as adamantium. But whatever, it's cool. Meteorite swords are also really cool. They give you just a taste of sci-fi but they aren't out of place in a medieval setting.

But like D&D just has +1 magic weapons most of the time. Sure, the DM can hand out a silver sword or something. But just a general +X to attacks and damage and being vaguely "magical" (to overcome resistances/immunities) is what players hunt for. Not that there isn't a strong history of lore behind that. Gygax had some very weird ideas about +X swords*. But I kind of like the flavor behind the magic metals and how specific they can each be.

Anyway this is a perfect trope to emphasize in a system like Knave because it's an RPG all about equipment. Thus, magic relating to equipment and its special properties has a much greater impact in this ruleset. It's good tying together of themes and mechanics. So here are the metals in my Knave game and what each of them does and stuff. Borrow/steal/be inspired by or whatever else.