Sunday, January 2, 2022

Top 10 Philosophical Conundrums We Were Forced to Resolve in our D&D Game

Don't let anyone ever tell you that D&D 5E (or any high-magic game, for that matter) is easy on the DM to run. You think crunch is demanding? Try this shit:
  1. The definition of Personhood
  2. Zeno's Paradox (specifically the famous "dichotomy" one with the whole "before you can reach X you have to get halfway to X, but before you can get halfway..." thing)
  3. Affirming or refuting the Labor Theory of Value
  4. Basically any question raised by the Holodeck in Star Trek
  5. ...As well as the transporter
  6. The Ship of Theseus (many, many times)
  7. Related, the Sorites Paradox
  8. The Trolley Problem (duh)
  9. Can you "take" a hole?
    • God I love that such a large portion of the Wikipedia article on "holes" digs right into this and other problems
  10. The existence of God (duh)
Place your bets now on whether we'll have to confront the Simulation Problem or attain Theodicy first, folks.

[UPDATE: just finished the campaign. In the second to last session we attained Theodicy by confirming that God isn't omnipotent. Can't believe that joke prediction actually happened.]


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