Art Commissions

Here is a link to my art instagram, where you can see a small portfolio of my fantasy drawings.

My prices are based around pretty normal RPG art projects, mostly characters, monsters, and fantasy scenes. I’ll charge 20$ for a character bust, 40$ for full body, add 40$ for color (flat digital), and add 40$ for a background/scene.

I only work in traditional media but, as you can see, I touch up a lot of my stuff digitally (especially to get the right clean B&W look). Right now I'm not doing prints but knowing a bit about what you'd like the art for can help me with planning, scanning, and editing.

Specific, detailed requests are welcome, along with reference pics, but they aren’t required. All commissions are good for commercial use, just credit me properly based on what we discuss.

I can guarantee a 3-4 week turnaround time and will keep you updated with progress pictures if you'd like. Just in case I get wildly lucky and several commissions come in at once, I'll let you know if there's a waitlist.

All payments will be handled through Ko-Fi. I will accept 50% up front (nonrefundable), with the other 50% paid upon completion of the work. Email me at alexanderdzuricky at gmail dot com to start discussing your commission and get a quote. If you are a Nazi, I will not work with you!

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